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Visualizing your retirement is important. Some envision relaxing on a beach near their summer home while others are excited to continue full time work for an international charity they are passionate about. Whatever your goals may be, our retirement planning process helps you:

  • Detail your retirement goals
  • Set a target age for financial independence
  • Determine financial resource needs by retirement age
  • Project additional savings needed to reach your goal
  • Discuss pros, cons and costs of various savings options
  • Select, implement and manage an optimal mix of financial strategies

You set the goals that are most important to you. We use our expertise to design a plan and become your partner and advocate in helping you achieve those goals.



If you’re like most optometry professionals, retirement is one goal among many. Through comprehensive wealth accumulation planning, we work with you to develop strategies to accomplish your short, medium and long term goals, such as:

  • College tuition planning
  • Paying for a wedding
  • Saving for a family trip or a vacation home
  • Leaving a legacy to your loved ones or a favorite charity
  • Any other saving goals you have

We can help you determine savings needs, establish a savings strategy and help you stay on track to see your goals met.